Key capabilities of HCX

July 14, 2019

Accelerate Multi Cloud Adoption and Migration with business continuity

  1. Multi Cloud App Mobility

    Transform your data center with secure, seamless app mobility between vSphere 5.0+ on-premises and the cloud without upgrading your vSphere version. Enable zero-downtime “live” migrations and scheduled low-downtime, large-scale migrations. Multiple VM migration models (including vMotion, live, warm, cold) make it easy.
  2. Infrastructure Hybridity

    VMware HCX enables seamless and secure cloud on-boarding. Thanks to features such as secure proxy for vMotion; secure network extension; and high-throughput, WAN-optimized, load-balanced multisite by directional interconnects.
  3. Disaster Recovery

    In the event of a disaster, VMware HCX recovers the networking layer. Traffic routes are maintained as before the disaster, resulting in high-speed disaster recovery with low downtime. HCX can also be used for avoiding Disasters. VMs can be migrated out of SDDC of disaster zone to a safe location when disaster warning is received.

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  1. Today we are announcing the availability of HCX Enterprise, the first standalone HCX offering, designed to provide additional functionality above and beyond the HCX Advanced platform that is embedded in our VCPP partner offerings, VMware Cloud on AWS, and NSX Enterprise Plus. At launch HCX Enterprise will be able to deliver 3 key capabilities for enterprise customers: Non-vSphere to vSphere Migration, Large Scale Bulk Migration, Advanced Disaster Recovery with SRM Readiness.

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